rEvo Rebreathers

The rEvo rebreather is the brainchild of Paul Raymaekers, and is available in a number of configurations, which include different models, different electronics packages, and different case materials. Here we will try to make the explanation of the units as clear as possible. 

rEvo I, rEvo II and rEvo III

The rEvo I was the original prototype units that were made to 'work the kinks out' when the rEvo was still in development. The rEvo II was the first production unit, and has also since been discontinued. While the II is no longer available, hundreds of them are out in the market being active dove, and many appear for sale in the secondhand market. 

The rEvo III was designed and released to meet CE specifications, and today the only units for sale new, are rEvo III. The rEvo III is available in several different versions, in which the main differences are size and weight.

CO2 Scrubbing

All rEvo rebreathers come standard with back mounted counter-lungs, and dual 3 pound scrubber cassettes. These scrubbers are used in series, and increase the safety margin, reducing the risk of channeling and bypass.

As an option the RMS system allows for monitoring of your scrubber capacity, and provides a real-time estimate of how much time you have remaining.

For ultra-long dives, an optional radial scrubber system brings the absorbent capacity up to 8.8 lbs of absorbent.

PO2 Monitoring

The rEvodream is the standard PO2 monitoring device
and head's up display which comes on every rEvo unit. It can monitor your choice of one or 2 oxygen cells.

PO2 is displayed on a digital display which mounts to the submersible pressure gauge. The revodream will also display a range of PO2's using a simple 3-LED display which clips to the DSV of the rEvo, always in view of the diver's peripheral vision.

The rEvodream  is operated by a simple one switch mechanism
.  Powered by standard CR2450 coin batteries, this simple design makes the rEvodream a very robust and reliable solution.

Each rEvo is sold with 2 PO2 monitoring devices, which includes 1 rEvodream PO2 monitor and HUD, and your choice of the following:
  • rEvodream PO2 monitor and HUD
  • Shearwater Petrel trimix computer and PO2 monitor (hardwired)
  • Shearwater Petrel trimix computer and PO2 monitor (Fischer cable version)
  • Shearwater Petrel trimix computer and setpoint controller (hardwired)
  • Shearwater Petrel trimix computer with RMS setpoint controller (hardwired Digital CAN bus)

Manual Gas Addition

Manual gas addition can be done in one of 2 ways, either through manual addition buttons found on the bottom of the rEvo case, or through a 3-gas addition block.

The 3-gas addition block hangs over the diver's chest, and allows for ambidextrous addition of either diluent, oxygen or an offboard gas to be plumbed in through the lower quick-disconnect. The 3-gas block comes standard with the rEvo III Micro FT, and is an option on the rEvo III Mini and Standard models.

The case mounted manual addition buttons are found on the bottom of the rEvo III Mini and Standard models. These can be removed as an option. The rEvo III Micro FT does not have these buttons on it, and they cannot be installed as an option.

Automatic Oxygen Addition

Gas can be automatically added to the loop by either a constant flow orifice, and absolute pressure oxygen 1st stage. As the diver increases in depth, the absolute pressure regulator reduces the flow.

In addition, an optional solenoid via a Shearwater Petrel controller may be added, providing automatic setpoint control in addition to the constant flow. Utilizing both a solenoid and constant flow creates a 'hybrid'

On hybrid models, the constant flow orifice can be plugged, and the absolute pressure regulator may be replaced with a standard compensating regulator to allow for true eCCR operation.

Learn More

Watch's Curt Bowen, and rEvo Instructor Trainer Peter Sotis, as they break down and go over the rEvo III mini hybrid rebreather in this 11 minute video.

rEvo parts

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rEvo Cover Retaining Nut
Ships in 1 business day
rEvo Sorb Filters
Ships in 1 business day
rEvo Blank Plug P-Port
Ships in 1 business day
rEvo Oxygen Cell Retaining Nut - pair
Ships in 1 business day
rEvo III Complete O-Ring Set
Ships in 1 business day
rEvo DSV O-Ring Kit
Ships in 7-10 business days.
rEvo Cell Splitter with 1 isolator
Ships in 5-7 business days.
rEvo Cell Splitter with 2 isolators
Ships in 5-7 business days.
rEvo PG7 Cable Gland
Ships in 1 business day
rEvo PG7 Plug with O-Ring
Ships in 1 business day
rEvo clip for mounting hud on DSV
Ships in 1 business day
rEvo Cell Tray
Ships in 5-7 business days.
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