rEvo Mushroom Valve

rEvo Mushroom Valve

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  • Replacement OEM mushroom valve for the rEvo rebreather.
  • Special compound makes them chemically inert and wear-proof.
  • Longer life expectancy then the older mushroom valves.
Part Number:RBRR-REVO-R519 / 48600234

rEvo mushroom valve for mouthpiece.

After an extended period of development and testing, rEvo has released a new mushroom valve. These new valves are manufactured by rEvo, and have a life expectancy that extends well beyond the old mushroom valves. Its special compound makes them chemically inert and wear-proof.

Due to design optimisation, the rEvo mushroom valves show on average a decrease in WOB (work of breathing) of 0.1 – 0.15 J/l.

These new valves are more silent than the previous valves during normal respiration on the loop.

On the bottom side, the rEvo logo is embossed and the valves can clearly be distinguished by their blue color. The valves can of course be used in the existing rEvo valve cages/spiders.

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