rEvo Manual Gas Addition Block (No Orifice)

rEvo Manual Gas Addition Block (No Orifice)

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  • Replacement manual gas addition block used on rEvo rebreathers.
  • Available with and without .0035" constant flow orifice.
Part Number:RBRR-REVO-R217B / 48600742

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Sonic Orifice
w/o Orifice
with Orifice [+$75.00]
The rEvo manual gas addition block is a simple, easy to use way to ambidextrously add oxygen, diluent, or an off-board gas to your loop. A recessed oxygen button allows for tactile differentiation of the gas buttons.

While this is made for the rEvo, it will work with many different rebreathers that allow for a manual input.

Available with and without a .0035 constant flow orifice. Sometimes called a leaky valve, or sonic valve, the orifice will allow for a constant trickle of oxygen to maintain what the diver is metabolizing. When using the orifice version of this gas block, the oxygen supply MUST be attached to a absolute pressure 1st stage. Failure to do so will result in too much oxygen being delivered at depth.

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