rEvo III Micro FT (build to order)

rEvo III Micro FT (build to order)

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  • 21.2" High, 13.7" Wide, 8.2" Thick. Dimensions with handle and wing/harness.
  • Titanium case is 33 lbs without tanks or absorbent. The Micro FT is not available in stainless.
  • 4.5 Liter counterlung volume, upgradeable to 5.5.
  • Dual 3 lb scrubber cassettes for a total of 6 lbs.
  • Manual gas addition is done by 3-gas block, no case mounted valves are included on the Micro FT.
Part Number:RBRR-R17

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rEvo electronics help
mCCR 2 rEvodream PO2 Monitors
mCCR Hardwired Shearwater Petrel and 1 rEvodream [+$920.00]
mCCR Hardwired Shearwater NERD and 1 rEvodream [+$1,970.00]
hCCR Hardwired Shearwater Petrel DiveCan Controller and 1 rEvodream [+$2,160.00]
hCCR Hardwired Shearwater NERD DiveCan Controller and 1 rEvodream [+$3,103.00]
hCCR RMS Shearwater DiveCan Petrel and 1 rEevodream [+$2,856.00]
hCCR RMS Shearwater DiveCan NERD and 1 rEevodream [+$3,800.00]
Primary rEvodream help
rEvodream P
rEvodream P5 [+$174.00]
Add a 2nd rEvodream for redundancy help
rEvodream P [+$696.00]
rEvodream P5 [+$870.00]
5.5 Liter Case upgrade
Upgrade the counterlung volume to 5.5 Liters [+$58.00]
Cooper Hose Upgrade
Upgrade to Smooth-Bore Cooper Hoses [+$168.00]
Add a Pair of Tanks and Valves
Aluminum 13 Cf Cylinders [+$343.37]
Aluminum 19 Cf Cylinders [+$368.37]
Faber 2L Cylinders [+$474.00]
Faber 3L Cylinders [+$494.00]
Carbon Fiber 2L Cylinders [+$1,042.05]
IANTD rEvo Training
Air Diluent Training [+$1,500.00]
Crossover from another unit [+$850.00]

The rEvo micro FT is hands-down the favorite of traveling divers. The smallest, and lightest of the rEvo line, this unit comes in a titanium chassis only, and will fit easily into common carry-on bags and backpacks for travel.

The rEvo Micro FT comes with a chest mounted 3 gas block as it's only means of manual gas addition. There are no case mounted gas addition buttons on this unit.

rEvo Electronics

The rEvodream P is the standard PO2 monitoring device and head's up display which comes on every rEvo unit. It can monitor your choice of one or 2 oxygen cells.

PO2 is displayed on a digital display which mounts to the submersible pressure gauge. The revodream will also display a range of PO2's using a simple 3-LED display which clips to the DSV of the rEvo, always in view of the diver's peripheral vision.

The rEvodream has no switches, and is operated by piezo switch on the face of the dream. Powered by standard CR2450 coin batteries, this simple design makes the rEvodream a very robust and reliable solution.

Shearwater Research has set the bar for CCR electronics with it's Predator dive computers and controllers. Shearwater Predators come in 2 versions on the rEvo - a hardwired version, and a Fischer plug version. The Hardwired Shearwater Predator has a hardwired cable connection, which cannot be removed. Hardwired connections provide a more reliable interface between the Predator and the cells.

The Fischer cable Shearwater Predator can be disconnected from the cells, by means of a Fischer connector. This can allow for easy removal of the Predator from the rebreather itself, for transit, or for stand alone use. The Fischer cable version is only a PO2 monitor and trimix computer, and can never be used as a setpoint controller, or RMS monitor.

For those seeking setpoint control, a Shearwater Petrel setpoint controller is available in a hardwired version. This controller monitors your loop PO2 using voting logic, and will add gas via an oxygen solenoid mounted on the gas addition tray. This is sometimes referred to as a 'hybrid' rEvo, as it allows for the use of the constant flow orifice for the primary oxygen delivery, and the solenoid as a backup, or 'parachute' mode.

Lastly, the rEvo Monitoring System (RMS) is a Shearwater Petrel which communicates digitally via a CAN bus system. The digital CAN bus allow for more reliable communication, and greater reliability for future upgrades and add-ons. The RMS's greatest feature is the scrubber monitoring, which keeps track of your scrubber usage, and scrubber time remaining.

Cooper Hose upgrade

The rEvo comes with standard corrugated rubber loop hoses. Cooper hoses, have a smooth bore lining, which reduces work of breathing, and also allows the hoses to drain water easier.

Tanks and valves

Divers of all size and stature will appreciate the rEvo's ability to accommodate a wide variety of cylinders. The design of the rEvo makes use of the inline 'buddy' valve design common with Inspiration/Evolution divers. Drysuit divers tend to prefer the heavier Faber Steel tanks, while wetsuit divers prefer the buoyancy and trim characteristics of the Aluminum cylinders. For the ultimate in lightweight for travel and tropical diving, our Carbon Fiber cylinders are second to none!

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