Cell & Absorbent Subscription

The oxygen sensor and absorbent subscription program is back by popular demand!

What is it?
We all know that galvanic oxygen sensors have a finite life. As soon as they are manufactured, their various components begin to decay. While a number of factors can cause the lifespans of rebreather diving sensors to vary, a reasonable estimate is only 12-18 months.

Since it is possible that batch defects can cause all of your sensors to malfunction at once, the safe thing to do is to replace one sensor at a time. A prudent rebreather diver, therefore, will replace their sensors individually, staggering the process over a period of 12-18 months.

While urban legend offers a few tips and tricks to extend the lifespan of sensors, these practices are best avoided because of the risk of potentially damaging the cells. How often you change a sensor depends on how many cells you rebreather holds and its manufacturer's recommendations. To make this process easier, Add Helium is now offering a sensor subscription service.

We are also pleased to offer the same subscription plan for your absorbent needs. Never run out by having absorbent on hand at all times. Due to the demands of diving, there have been times in the past where absorbent is limited. 

How does this work?

Simply put, the product page for each oxygen sensor and absorbent will offer you the option to automatically order a new sensor or absorbent every 90, 120, or 180 days. On the date of whatever interval you set, a new order will be generated for you. Your card on file will be charged, and your purchase will be automatically shipped. 10 days before your scheduled order, an email reminder will be sent to you confirming the purchase. Should you decide to change your order, simply email us or give us a call. There is no commitment or obligation inherent in the service. Subscription orders may be changed or canceled at any time without hassle.

How do I sign up? 

On the product page for every rebreather oxygen cell and absorbent, is the option to "have this product automatically shipped to you."

Simply select the frequency you'd like the sensor sent to you, and add to cart. That's it. Upon completing checkout, your subscription starts. A sensor or absorbent will be sent to you right away, and then again at the interval of your choosing. Cancel or modify your subscription through your customer account page, or by c contacting one of our staff members. 

Should the retail cost on sensors or absorbent rise, the subscription price will be raised accordingly.

Oxygen sensor subscriptions are available on all Rebreather Oxygen Sensors.   


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