Waterproof D7 Cordura Drysuit - Women's

Waterproof D7 Cordura Drysuit - Women's

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  • Hi-End Front Zip Drysuit.
  • Reinforced Trilaminate Suit.
  • Kevlar reinforced knees and boots.
  • Double expandable pockets.
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D7 PRO CORDURA ISS, a High-End reinforced Trilaminate Suit, is the preferred choice for divers with Technical and Advanced Diving as preference. But also the common sport diver that appreciates quality and style will relish being equipped in something that outdoes all other suits in an appealing way and have the strength to outlast any ruff diving or environment the owner choose to expose himself to.

The D7 PRO CORDURA ISS has Kevlar reinforced knees and boots, double expandable pockets and front entry system for easy self donning. And of course equipped with ISS, the unique Integrated Silicone Seal system Waterproof developed and presented to the diving market recently.
Winner of Best Drysuit 2013 by TAUCHEN


  • H1 5/7mm Hood with double vent H.A.V.S technology
  • A Waterproof 1000 Cordura bag which can be carried as a backpack
  • Suspenders
  • Low pressure hose
  • Spare kit of Silicone Seals

  • A SEAT THAT GRIPS - Polyurethane embossing provides a non-slip grip and abrasion protection.
  • ANATOMICAL KEVLAR® REINFORCED BOOT - Angled for the best mix of durability and performance. Aramid reinforced front. Moulded Fin Strap Anchor.
  • ANGLED FOOTBED - The boots are cut on an angle to minimize ankle and calf stress while finning.
  • CORDURA ® FABRIC - The outer shell of the entire suit is made out of Cordura ® textile. Provides exceptional abrasion and tear resistance.
  • DUAL CONVERTIBLE POCKETS - Heavy Duty expandable pockets allows you to easily choose between huge capacity or slim profile pockets based upon your needs. Double D-Rings inside.
  • FRONT ENTRY SYSTEM - The D7 PRO has a front entry system for easy self donning.
  • INCLUDING A SPARE SET OF WP SILICONE SEALS - One extra Silicone WristSeal and one Silicone NeckSeal is included.
  • INCLUDING DRYBAG - A Waterproof 1000 CORDURA bag is supplied as standard, which can be carried as a backpack.
  • INCLUDING H1 H.A.V.S HOOD - The vented H1 HAVS hood features a 7mm double layered protection in critical heat loss areas. With glide skin seals for neck and face. Fits underneath the warmneck collar. 
  • INTEGRATED SUSPENDERS - Adjustable integrated suspenders for comfortable fit.
  • KEVLAR® REINFORCED KNEE PADS - Military Graded DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber reinforced Kneepads.
  • PRESSURE TESTED - Each suit is tested by an overpressure check.
  • REFLECTIVE LOGO - High visability is ensured by the reflective label.
  • SEAM-FREE CROTCH - Because the shaping of the suit there are no seams to be found in the under arm area or in the crotch area, where wrinkling can cause seams to wear.
  • SI TECH VALVES - Swivelling inlet valve and adjustable automatic outlet valve. Provided by SI TECH.
  • SILICONE NECK SEAL - The neck is equipped with SI TECH's NeckTite system and comes with WP's Silicone NeckSeal. Extremely comfortable and easy to change.
  • SILICONE WRIST SEAL - Wrists are equipped with WP's Silicone Seals. Extremely comfortable and easy to change. 
  • TELESCOPE TORSO - Suspenders and the adjustable torso system enables the diver fit the suit to their liking.
  • WARMNECK - The unique warmneck solution from Waterproof with water drain valves and molded hook and loop fastener tabs.
  • WP INTEGRATED QUICKSEAL - Waterproof’s new ovale wrist ring quick connector for wrist seals. D7 PRO ISS features the new Integrated Silicone Seal.

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