Upgrade PIN's

Upgrade PIN's

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  • PIN Upgrades for your Predator or Pursuit dive computer.
  • Upgrade from PPO2 Display, OC Trimix SA, or OC Trimix w/ Fischer
  • Upgrade to OC Trimix, OC/CCR Trimix w/ fixed PO2, or OC/CCR Trimix w/ Ext Monitoring
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Choose Options

Computer you have
PPO2 Display [+$545.00]
OC Trimix SA [+$200.00]
OC Trimix with Fischer Port
Upgrade to
OC Trimix
OC/CC Trimix with Fixed PO2
OC/CCR Trimix with External PO2 Monitoring [+$200.00]
Computer Information

Upgrade PIN's allow you to upgrade and unlock features of your Shearwater computer without having to send it in for service.

Please select the computer you have from the first option, and the upgrade you want from the second option. The serial number and version are required to create your PIN.

PIN numbers are generated by Shearwater, and are returned to you via email in 1 business day.

Not all combinations of upgrades are available. Please refer to the chart below:

OC Trimix
OC/CC Trimix Fixed PO2
OC/CC Trimix External
PPO2 Display
OC Trimix Stand-Alone
OC Trimix Fischer

Is there a PIN not listed that you need? Send us an email. Shearwater has gone through a number of base model options over the years, and not all PINs are listed here.

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