Thermalution Heated Rash Guard System - Surf Series

Thermalution Heated Rash Guard System - Surf Series

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  • For use with a wetsuit.
  • Rated for 15 meters / 50 feet.
  • 1.5 to 2 hours heating.
  • Push button controller.
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The Thermalution® Surf Series short sleeve rashguard is a more cost effective heating solution for wetsuit divers who do not require the depth ratings needed for scuba diving. The Surf Series rashguard has a depth rating of 15 meters/50 feet, and offers up to 2 hour heating duration. Perfect for surfing, or other cold water sports. 

A corded push button controller allows the user to turn the heating element on and off, as well as scroll through the 3 power settings – low, medium, and high. An LED light on the controller indicates the power setting the heating element is currently set to. 

A single 7.4 volt lithium polymer batteries powers the Thermalution rash guard system, providing 90-120 minutes of heat. Batteries are waterproof to 70 meters / 230 feet. Measuring 1 inch thick, the battery is worn on pouches on the side of the shirt. the vest. Recharging the battery takes approximately 3 hours. 

The garment itself is a rash guard style short-sleeve shirt with UV protection, made from 80% Nylon and 20% spandex. It is hand-washable. 

Thermalution® is by far the best heated wetsuit product available on the market!  It uses a non-metallic heating panel, positioned on the back to warm up your core area.  With a weight of only 2-3 lbs, it is worn virtually unoticed beneath your wetsuit or drysuit. Initially our staff was skeptical of the warmth and duration provided. Quickly the testers discovered the low setting was more than warm enough. The medium setting was too hot, and the high setting was downright uncomfortably hot. Our first tester reported the duration lasted his 2 hour dive, and the freezing cold boat ride back to shore, with power to spare. You will be amazed at how much more comfortable you will feel after turning on the suit to even only the lowest of three settings.  Once you have a dive in a Thermalution  you won't ever want to venture out on a winter day without one!

* Thermalution suits are rated by depth and use. Yellow grade suits hold the deepest rating of 100 meters / 330 feet for technical divers. Blue, green, and red suits are also available with lesser depth rating. 

  • Heats up in under a Minute
  • Powered by single 7.4V rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery.
  • Duration: Low: 1.5-2 Hours, Medium: 3 hours, High: 2 hours
  • 3 hour charge time. 
  • Rated to 70 meters / 230 feet.
  • 12 Month Limited Warranty
  • Thermalution is tested and certified to CE standards

Thermalution products are not returnable  

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