The Tao of Survival Underwater

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392-Page softcover, this book by Dr. Tom Mount covers the A-Z of underwater survival skills, and shares over 50 years of experience in technical diving.
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Tom Mount, D. Sc., Ph.D., N.D. is a diving pioneer in cave diving, deep diving, mixed gas diving, rebreather diving and wreck diving. His career also includes saturation diving, supervision of saturation diving, scientific diving and 50 years of diving leadership. While reviewing accidents in adventure sports, Tom became interested in why some survive difficult challenges while others perish in more simple predicaments, which led him to research survival mechanisms. It is apparent that the psychological and mental outlook as well as the physiological and physical demands contributes to who lives and who dies in critical situations. EXPLORATION & MIXED GAS DIVING ENCYCLOPEDIA, THE TAO OF SURVIVAL UNDERWATER addresses these issues. Joseph Dituri, M.S., is an avid rebreather, wreck and undersea explorer who pushes the technical edge of diving. A Navy Diving and Salvage Officer by trade, he continually seeks to improve his knowledge of deep diving and share his discoveries with others. Joe's initiative has spurred changes in the way that conventional and military diving is being accomplished. He is the CEO of the Association for Marine Exploration, which conducts and facilitates innovative scientific exploration of undersea environments often in the twilight zone. While being responsible for the safety of others, Joseph developed an understanding of the physical and mental skills it takes to survive as a diver. His objective to share this knowledge is fulfilled in the pages of EXPLORATION & MIXED GAS DIVING ENCYCLOPEDIA, THE TAO OF SURVIVAL UNDERWATER. Tom Mount and Joseph Dituri are widely published and have written or contributed to numerous books, papers and many of the IANTD training materials. IANTD materials are located at and are available in your local IANTD Dive Shop. Tom & Joseph thank the expert contributors in their individual and collective areas for making this the definitive reference for How To Survive in Exploration Diving.

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