Shearwater Teric Dual Color Strap Kit

Shearwater Teric Dual Color Strap Kit

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  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • Highly visible.
  • Two piece strap set with pins, plus extender strap.
Part Number:CPSW-Teric-Strap

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Shearwater Blue
Light Green
Replacement 22mm color bands for Shearwater Teric dive computer 
Available colors: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, White and Yellow. 

Black is available, if you would like to keep a spare. Each kit includes wrist strap pieces, each with strap pins, and an extender strap with a buckle. 
Material is shore 70A silicone that has a good balance between strength and elasticity.

Changing the strap requires a using a pair of hex key screwdrivers to remove and replace the two pins holding the two piece strap to the body. 

It's easy to switch, Shearwater includes in the Teric computer case a pair of the hex key screwdriver tools required to make the change.

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