Rubber Low Pressure Hose Used

Rubber Low Pressure Hose Used

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  • 3/8-inch male and 9/16-inch female fittings.
  • Suitable for oxygen use.
Part Number:RGDR-HOLP-Used

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40 inch Black

Dive Rite carries only the highest quality breathing hoses from a name brand manufacturer right here in the USA. The fittings are made according to strict specifications out of quality half-hard brass from reputable suppliers, and their hoses use chrome plating, not nickel.

Dive Rite offers hoses for both the recreational and technical diver in 6-84-inch lengths. They also carry 20, 25, 30 and 50-foot hoses. Custom length hoses are also available. All of the LP hoses are Nitrox compatible up to 40-percent. All breathing hoses are large bore for better gas delivery at depth with a standard 3/8-inch male end that attaches to the first stage LP.

Available in black with some lengths also available in green.

Divers who follow the DIR training philosophy prefer an 84-inch primary hose when diving doubles, a 60-inch primary hose when diving single tanks and a 22-inch hose for the secondary regulator.

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