Rental Package for CCR 60 meter Class Complete

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  • Includes diluent and O2 fills.
  • Includes absorbent fills.
  • Includes gas fills with 1 planned bailout.
  • Includes CCR and two AL40 Bailout bottles.
  • Regulators can be added.
Part Number:CCR-60 Meter Rental Package

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Choose Options
Regulator/1 [+$60.00]
Regulator/2 [+$60.00]
Don't have tanks? Don't want to travel with your tanks? Tired of renting equipment that is old, warn out and improperly rigged?  Rent from us during your CCR Class and have everything handled for you!

We will provide you with CCR tanks, properly rigged bailout bottles, regulators (regularly serviced), gas fills and absorbent during your CCR Class.

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