Poseidon Se7en

Poseidon Se7en

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  • A true, fully automated rebreather with incredible flexibility
  • Safety Management Diving
Part Number:RBPO-6012-011

POSEIDON Se7en Overview

Flexibility, safety and reliability in one package.

The Poseidon SE7EN let's you configure your plan on your computer (PC or Apple), and dive using the Safety Management System.  This patented technology interacts with you underwater to the extent you define.  From alerts that are visual, auditory and tactile, to a simple display of dive information, you choose how active you want the system to be.

Developed from the world’s first recreational rebreather, the legendary Poseidon MKVI, the POSEIDON SE7EN gives you 7 Next Generation Benefits:

G7 Inside
Generation 7 electronics open up endless possibilities for interaction, accessories and apps. Entirely new internal hardware driven by a new generation of firmware makes the SE7EN faster, flexible and reliable in any diving environment.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Download your dive logs in seconds, update your settings and interact effortlessly with your POSEIDON SE7EN, all using Bluetooth

Dive Management System
Enjoy enhanced interaction with your rebreather. The upgraded configuration tool interacts with your POSEIDON SE7EN via Bluetooth, allowing you to make configuration changes in moments. See your dive logs in far greater detail and much more. Better still, it’s now Mac compatible!

Recreational or 100M Technical Rebreather
The POSEIDON SE7EN can be whatever you want it to be! You can use the SE7EN as a Recreational Rebreather or as a 100M-rated Technical Rebreather; it’s your choice! Poseidon’s industry-leading upgrades give you the ultimate recreational and technical rebreather flexibility

Enhanced Service & Support
Poseidon already has class-leading reliability and technical support, but the POSEIDON SE7EN makes service and support even easier and more convenient. Automatic dive log downloads to support via Bluetooth, combined with detachable displays and sensors mean that support is even faster and more convenient than before!

Upgraded Mouthpiece
The best rebreather mouthpiece just got even better! A new system keeps the bail-out valve locked in place in closed or open circuit, while still enabling simple switches from closed to open circuit

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