Narked at 90 Megalodon Stand

Narked at 90 Megalodon Stand

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  • Makes donning and doffing the unit easier.
  • Made from marine grade aluminum.
  • D-rings on the back of the frame for accessories.
  • 2 week lead time.
Part Number:RBN9-0050M
****Note, this stand is made for the Meg and will not fit the Meg 15****

The handle is rounded and profiled so to be comfatable to pick up with both hands, and not interfere for rebreather operations. Using the stand makes donning and doffing the unit much easier as it rises the units up by approximately 6" (150mm) and takes the weight off of your lower back whilst sitting on boats. It also removes backache while diving by transferring the weight from the small of your back to your buttocks, making a massive difference on longer dives

The stand is made from a marine grade aluminium with a glass blasted finish and is very durable and very nice looking. Takes the weight of the rebreather, as well as small feet that push the unit past it's center of balance so it is very very stable (even more so than with out the stand).

The total weight of the stand is approx 1.7kg out of water and is perfectly balanced, the in water weight is very slightly negative but because of the balance you should have no problems with trim. There are 4 D-rings cut in to the back of the stand so you can clip on reels and the like or even your stage tanks. A number of holes have been drilled so you can add bungees to hold items such as emergency SMB's or lift bags under the scrubber.

There are also cam band slots so a small tank can be added for dry suit inflation or wing inflation, a 1.5L or 2L fit very nicely (CAMBAND NOT INCLUDED). 2 week lead time.

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