Halcyon Spring Heels for Jetfin-Style Fins

Halcyon Spring Heels for Jetfin-Style Fins

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  • Designed to fin Jetfin-Style Fins.
  • Available in medium, large and extra large.
  • Made with stainless steel and Lexan materials.
Part Number:ESHA-62.300

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By eliminating the failures common to conventional fin straps, Halcyon spring straps free you from the risk and hassle of lost fins and broken straps.


Designed to fit Jetfin-style rubber fins

  • Automatically adjusts to the diver's feet
  • Compensates for depth and compression of boot material
  • Stainless Steel and Lexan construction

Available in three sizes:

  • Medium (8"/20 cm spring)
  • Large (10"/25.4 cm spring)
  • XL (12"/30.5 cm spring)

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