Halcyon Focus Adjustable Beam Light
Halcyon Focus Adjustable Beam Dive Light

Halcyon Focus Adjustable Beam Light

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  • Adjustable focus light head allows wide or tight beams.
  • 975 Lumen Output.
  • 6 hours of burn time.
  • Powered by 5.2 amp hour battery pack.
Part Number:LGHA-20.453.

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The Halcyon Focus light is a lightweight corded light which offers 6 hrs of burn time. It has an adjustable beam. With a twist of the knob on the light head, the beam angle may be adjusted from a 45 degree flood pattern head, to a tight 4 degree spotlight, suitable for signaling. 

The light head features an adjustable handle so it can be used with right or left handed operations. The handle is easily adjustable on the fly, and may be folded up onto the light head for easy stowage or for travel. 

The Focus light has 2 power settings, medium and high. A magnet switch improves reliability, and will not flood. A locking knob locks the switch into the desired power setting. 

The battery pack is sealed, and features a double o-ring system for maximum flood resistance. A drop in charger allows for easy and rapid recharging. 

Halcyon has spent a fair amount of time into research and development to create a new, energy efficient LED array, which puts out more light with less power, and less heat. With 39,000 lux at 1 meter, this light offers a lot of illumination and easily outperforms 21 watt HID lights.

  • 6 hours run-time with a 5.2 amp-hour battery pack.
  • Adjustable-focus beam.
  • Fully adjustable handle.
  • 39,000 lux at 1 meter (Focus at max. power.)
  • Weight is only 4 lbs, including charger. 
  • choice of traditional continuous cord or underwater quick disconnect (E/O) cord.
Watch Add Helium's 60 second review of the Focus light: 

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