Halcyon  Cinch Complete Light Retainer Assembly - Missing items

Halcyon Cinch Complete Light Retainer Assembly - Missing items

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  • Cinch Light Retainer assembly consists of two pieces.
  • Easy adjustability of the diver’s harness while wearing a hip mounted primary light.
Part Number:BCHA-10.041.001 MP
***Missing Parts - This is missing the attachment hardware as well as the 2nd webbing piece. Only item included is the picture with the buckle.****

A 2” reinforced piece of webbing with a grommet on one end attaches to the Cinch plate assembly, supporting the hip-mounted canister.

This reinforced webbing provides a rigid surface to hold the light off the diver’s hip, increasing comfort and enabling harness adjustability.

The light is held in place by a second component which buckles into the rigid light holder.

The waist harness slides freely within this fixture, allowing a diver to loosen or tighten the harness without affecting the light position.

The buckle allows the diver to easily adjust the light position or to remove the light while the harness remains secure.

The light can be adjusted or removed while in or out of the water.

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