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Heated Gloves by Santi
Part Number:  EXOE-SAN-2029
  • Keep hands warm.
  • Designed with a thermo valve/connector and external battery.
  • Allows diver to wear gloves under dry gloves.
  • Made of breathable fabric.
    Ships in 1-2 business day
Waterproof B2 6.5MM Boots
Part Number:  EXWP-WP-B2
  • 6.5mm Boots.
  • Side Zipper.
  • Comfort zippers at neck, wrists and ankles.
    Ships in 1 business day.
XSscuba Dry Five Gloves
Part Number:  EXXS-GV400
$54.95  $34.95
Ships in 1 business day
Fourth Element Gloves
Part Number:  EXFE-GLO
  • Available in 3mm and 5mm.
  • Provides outstanding dexterity
  • Made with stretch Neoprene and a Thermoflex lining.
  • Sealed seams.
    Ships in 1 business day
Fourth Element Xerotherm Wrist Warmers
Part Number:  EXFE-XT250W
  • Designed t be used with dry gloves.
  • Sits below the drysuit seal.
  • Double layer xerotherm fabric provides hands will stay warmer longer.
    Ships in 1 business day
Fourth Element Glove Liners
Part Number:  EXFE-GLG1
  • Can be used under drygloves or wet mitts.
  • Can be used with traditional thinsulate gloves in a layering system
  • 1.5mm hydrofoam will retain some of the thermal protection in case of dry glove failure.
    Ships in 1 business day
Fourth Element Amphibian Diving Boots
Part Number:  EXFE-BTA
  • 6.5mm Neoprene.
  • Ergonomic footbed.
  • Ultimate in support and protection.
  • Ideal for shore diving.
    Ships in 1 business day
Fourth Element Pelagic 6.5mm Diving Boot-Rubber Sole
Part Number:  EXFE-BTP
  • 6.5mm Neoprene
  • Lightweight, comfortable and warm boot.
  • Provides a stable chassis for comfort, finning and climbing ladders
  • Heavy duty zipper and velcro stopper.
    Ships in 1 business day
Rock Boot by Santi
Part Number:  EXOE-SAN-AC-1023
  • Worn over drysuit socks.
  • Made of light Cordura fabric outside.
  • Anti slip sole surface.
  • Fasted by 3 velcro straps.
    Ships in 5-6 business day