CCR Cave 2018

CCR Cave 2018

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The CCR cave diver class will teach students how to plan and conduct dives in an overhead cave environment. This is known as ‘full cave.’ At the successful completion of the class, the student will be issued an IANTD CCR Cave Diver certification.


This class is available to divers who are certified on the following units – rEvo, Megalodon, Sentinel, Inspiration, Evolution, Titan, Hollis Prism, KISS rebreathers, or Optima. This is a non-unit specific certification – classes with divers on mixed units are allowed.


Note: In open circuit cave diving, training is generally broken down into 4 different classes – cavern diver, intro to cave, apprentice, and full cave. There are no such delineations in CCR training, there is simply one class – CCR cave diver. Students must take the class in full to achieve a certification, which allows them to dive in an overhead cave environment.

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