Bracket NERD - DSV New Model, including screws
NERD Mounting bracket for rEvo DSV.

Bracket NERD - DSV New Model, including screws

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  • Allows mounting of Shearwater NERD HUD to rEvo DSV clip.
  • Easily bolts onto existing rEvo DSV clip
Part Number:RBRR-REVO-R227
This bracket allows you to securely mount your Shearwater NERD heads-up-disply to your existing rEvo DSV clip (not included.) This includes the stainless mounting clip, and 3 mounting bolts shown in the 1st picture.

Note, this will only work on the new generation of Shearwater NERD's, and will not work on the older style mounts.

How can I tell which NERD I have?

Early generations of the NERD came with a different mounting base, which was easily identified by looking at the underside of the NERD display.

The current style NERD, features a flat mounting base, just below the push-buttons. The early model NERD's had a tapered base just below the display.

New style mounting plate.Old style mounting plate.

The new style plate bolts directly to the underside of the NERD display. The old style slips in-between the Loc-Line sections at the base of the mount.

Note! It is very important, if you have the older style, not to remove the bolts holding the base to the head of the display. Doing so can damage your NERD and void your warranty.

Old style mounting brackets are still available. Please contact us for details.

If you do have an old-stlye NERD mount, these can be upgraded the new style by Shearwater directly. Contact Shearwater for more information on upgrading.

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