Analytical Industries R17 Jack Oxygen Cell

Analytical Industries R17 Jack Oxygen Cell

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  • A R-17 jack connector plug, this is a replacement for the R-17 sensor.
  • Used in the Hollis Explorer mk1, CIS-Lunar, Dive Rite VTI, El Cheapo I & II,
Part Number:RBAI-PSR-11-39-JD

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Range: 0-100% Oxygen Signal Output: 8.5-14 mV Response 90%: 6 sec Expected Life: 42 months Warranty: 12 months

OEM Analyzer De-Ox

Dive Rite VTI
Dive Rite VTI-580
DiveTek OzAnalyzer One
El Chepo I & II
MSA Mini-0x 1 406931
Spectrum O2 Analyzer
Teledyne AD300/MD300
Vandagraph VN202
Replaces Competitive Sensor IT Gambert D-01
Maxtec MAX-13
Maxtec MAX-13-250
MSA 406931
Teledyne R-17D
Vascular Technology 100580
Vandagraph R-17VAN

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