Analytical Industries Molex Oxygen Cell
Aii Molex Oxygen Cell.

Analytical Industries Molex Oxygen Cell

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  • A molex connector plug, this is a replacement for the R-22 sensor.
  • Used in the Prism, rEvo, Megalodon, Pathfinder, Poseidon, Optima, Sentinel, and some KISS rebreathers.
  • Pressure pot tested before shipment.
Part Number:RBAI-PSR-11-39-MD

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  • Range: 0-100% 
  • Oxygen Signal Output: 8.5-14 mV
  • Response 90%: 6 sec 
  • Expected Life: 42 months 
  • Warranty: 12 months 

OEM Equipment 
  • HydroSpace Explorer 
  • Inspiration Rebreather "Original Config." 
  • KISS Rebreather 
  • Olympic Submarine Technologies CCR-2000 
  • Oxy Spy 
Replaces Competitive Sensor City Technology MOX-1 Maxtec MAX-12 Teledyne R-22D Teledyne R-24

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