APD Classic 3 Cell Monitoring Kit by Narked at 90

APD Classic 3 Cell Monitoring Kit by Narked at 90

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  • Detachable APD cell holder.
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The only detachable APD cell holder in the world! And that's a copyright! Anyone else's is just a cheap imitation. Do not trust your life to imitations. Only our system is developed with computer manufacturers and meets their stringent approvals. 

Change your cells in seconds without the need for tools or breaking the seal through the head. Full redundant backup 3 cell PO2 monitoring kit. COMPUTER NOT INCLUDED.

Note - do not change the lock nut supplied by APD, they have special tools that will only fit their nut. Have you ever wished you had a fully independent backup to your rebreather electronics? Perhaps you just want integrated decompression but don't want to rely on just one cell to prevent a debilitating bend. Cavers and extreme technical divers have long since known that when things go wrong, it's best to have a solid back-up plan. Narked at 90, exclusively offers this simple to fit system that is completely independent of your factory electronics.  Even a complete electronics failure doesn't necessarily mean you can't get out 'on the loop.  No soldering, cutting or drilling is required. In fact, your unit can be returned to its original condition in minutes without trace. 

This system comes with the 4/5 cell holder, 7 pin Fischer cable with isolation circuit and cell splitters. Building on the hugely successful 3 cell backup kit for the Vision.  All you need is a three cell dive computer (Available separately). 

Available for the Shearwater SPOCTE and Liquivision X1 with X-Link dive computers and Vr technology's (DELTA-P).  This System is compatible with both the older Molex connector type AND the newer SMB coax type connector.

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