2 Liter Carbon Fiber Cylinder

2 Liter Carbon Fiber Cylinder

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  • 13 Cubic feet at 3000 PSI.
  • 17.25" high, 3.98" diameter, 5.29 lbs empty WITH the valve.
  • Carbon hoop-wrapped, with fiberglass proactive wrap and epoxy coating.
  • Reduce the dry weight, and negative buoyancy on your rig.
Part Number:TKRR-Carbon
Many rebreather divers have discovered the wonder of diving their unit with carbon fiber cylinders. These lightweight cylinders are great for travel, and reduce the negative buoyancy of your rebreather - particularly useful when diving with a thin wetsuit as your exposure protection.

These cylinders also feature a lightweight 300 BAR din valve with M18x1.5 threads. This super light valve reduces the weight that is down around your hips, and helps you achieve a more horizontal trim.

These cylinders have a 2-liter liquid volume, however they are larger than a typical 2-liter steel tank.

  • 13 cubic foot capacity at 3000
  • 17.25 inch length
  • 4 inch diameter
  • 5.29 lbs with valve
  • Valve threads M18x1.5
  • 300 BAR valve
  • Rated for 100% oxygen service
  • Rated working pressure - 4350 psi/300 BAR
  • Available with your choice of black or green hand wheel.
Color variations do occur in the manufacturing process and can vary to a light beige to darker grey color.

* Note these tanks are not DOT approved. While they meet CE standards, some dive shops may be unable or unwilling to fill them. Please follow all local laws and ordinances when filling and transporting these cylinders. Add Helium is not responsible for mis-use, or improper use of this cylinder.

** Note, while these have a 2 liter capacity, they are longer than the Faber 2 liter steel tanks, and will not fit in units with height restrictive cases, like the Evolution, Evolution +, and Sentinel.

*** Note, use of these on an Evolution with Travel Frame, or Inspiration, will require you to change the 1st stage regulators on your unit - something AP does NOT recommend.

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